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Easy step-by-step help to install TurboHud chinese version

Yes. There's other alternative for TurboHud.

  • Download Free version of TurboHud in ..[HERE].. or ..[HERE (English Files]..
  • Disable AntiVirus if need it
  • Extract ZIP and run TurboHUD_LightningMOD.exe
  • Press Free button in the launcher
  • Then press the Start button
  • *Unfortunately, the settings in the basic version cannot be changed.


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  • Get your license >>HERE<<
  • 30 Days for 3€
  • 90 Days for 6€
  • 12 month for 18€
  • After you complete the payment, the system will send the license to your email or view it on the page

  • What players say

    thanks! Finally we have Auto pick-up

    anonymous player

    It's crazy how fast salvage items is

    anonymous player

    TurboHud help me cast Skills every time i forget

    anonymous player


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